All About The KIK App


KIK is a service where people can find their family and their friends for free. This type of service is good in one way and it is bad in another way. They have created a guy list they created a girl list, and they also created a user list. There are many rules you must follow if you are under the age of 18. For one thing you need your parents permission if you are under the age of 18. Many children ignore this rule and I learn this one the hard way. KIK is a good way to keep your information private. It is very interesting, basically because you can advertise your KIK info with out giving your name, your private information or your phone number. For the moment, it is the best way to keep your personal information private.

  • Sure having this type of service is good for kids if they are using it the correct way. However, it can be used the wrong way as well. I didn’t know this app existed until it was too late. My son who is 14 used this app to talk to some new girls who didn’t go to school with him but there was one girl on this app that he did knew so they started talking to each other through this app. And one night one of his friends had spent the night and saw my son chatting with a girl from school. So, he decided to use my sister phone and he started picking on the girl and my son told him to leave the girl alone but he didn’t want to stop. So the little girl dad check out her phone and he didn’t like what he read so he got the police involved and now we are going back and forth to court. I’m trying to clear my son because he is innocent.

  • KIK is not a good app to have because now they use these apps and call it cyber bullying. And also Cyber bullying is when they use social networks to keep on harming or harassing people in a deliberate manner. KIK Messenger is an instant messaging app that is for mobile devices from KIK Interactive. The app is used on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone operating systems and is free of charge. The KIK Messenger is modeled like the BlackBerry Messenger. KIK also uses a smartphone’s data plan and it uses Wi-Fi to transmit and to receive messages. KIK can also let the users share their photos, their sketches, their mobile webpages, and their other content. The KIK application is very important to instagram users.

When you are first signing up to use KIK all you need to start your profile is to choose a username, state your age and your gender, and write a short description about yourself to get started. With the online KIK friend finder, you can connect with your long lost friends. KIK Friend is your social network for making new friend ins online through the intuitive platform. Through the online KIK friend finder, you can find your best friends, your buddies, and long lost high school pals and get in touch with them instantly.To find KIK friends online, the only thing you have to do is to get started with the platform. And you can join the fastest growing social network and you can get in touch with local KIKs to make friends, or go out on a date, and so much more. KIK Friend is, and will always be forever, free to use for all who are looking to make use of the time they spend online by making friends and growing their social circle. With KIK Friends, you are never too far away from having some fun.